• I've launched a Kickstarter campaign!

      I’ve launched a Kickstarter for a new book. It’s all the art I’ve been working on during this pandemic of ours. We wanted to make the best of th...
  • Batmanuary has run it's course.

    More originals and prints up for grabs.
  • Scarecrow has entered the asylum!

    Scarecrow original and prints up for sale.
  • More Batmanuary, Ivy!

    Ivy has joined the ranks of 2022 Batmanuary rogues. welcome her. The original artwork is up for sale as well as prints and canvas'   https://tysond...
  • Batmanuary 2022 is upon us

    Here we go again. Batmanuary. Exciting times. This year the community is getting involved so there should be some awesome stuff being created.  I'l...
  • Dong Nation

    Some Dong Nation (and related) merch is now available in the store. Just got a sticker and it's going on the car! lol
  • Monster Mash is now available!

    This labour of love took a long time to get finished, so many monsters (40) all hanging out, chilling. The original is available here as well as so...
  • Ghost Rider is in the house!

    New painting is in the shop. Check it out. Give the Ghost Rider a new home. He loves you. Original Ghost Rider Art Poster Ghost Rider Art how bout ...
  • New painting added to the store!

    Batman in his less than finest. Haunted shows that Barman is tormented by his past. He is a delicate creature that just wants to be loved by all.  ...
  • New Store!

    We did it!